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HotGinny is 29 years old liveporncam performer with Châtain hair color and Verts eyes, with Européen Ethnicity, 55 kg weight and 170 height and Sexual Preference is I can't say I have a specific type, as long as the guy is funny, careful and respects me. I think that once a guy make me laugh, he has already won my heart. What I don't like is a man who doesn't respect a lady and offences her.

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I love reading, listening to music and dancing samba,salsa,cha-cha all kinds of dances I enjoy but also talking about interesting subjects like astrology and psychology.I have a passion for horoscopes, it's one of my favorite research subjects on my freetime.I love having fun with friends and getting crazy for time to time.A little party never hurt nobody ,right? heheI am that kind of girl that know's what she wants.I like focusing on myself and on positive side of life. I think of myself as a hyper person, I am full of energy but I also love those long interesting talks about any subject.

I fantasize about being a married woman and ask another woman to seduce my husband so I can catch them together and to join them in a threesome.